Why have a build specifically for OS X? Topic is solved

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Any specific bugs you find that don't have their own topic yet: please make a new topic; one bug per topic please to keep things organized.

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Free Bird
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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by Free Bird » 2020-06-14, 21:29

The Squash wrote:
2020-06-14, 18:30
I was asking from a developer's perspective why GTK is only really used on UNIX-like systems.
While GTK is technically cross-platform, in practice it is perceived as Gnome's GUI library (like Qt is perceived as KDE's GUI library). GTK applications look "correct" inside Gnome. They look "off" inside other environments. Since Gnome is practically only used on UNIX-like systems, the same goes for GTK, but to a lesser degree.

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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by Goodydino » 2020-06-15, 18:20

HarmonicResonance wrote:
2020-06-14, 18:22
Dude, come on. You are speaking like you don't know about the consistency that either leads to people being wildly in love with your platform or just enduring it.

Put another why, why should shortcuts be consistent between applications?

Why should buttons be placed in the same order across applications?

Why should words be used consistently across applications?

You get the idea. Please look into UX, human factors, man-machine interfaces, and so on. There's been a lot of research done on this topic and what you are suggesting people do not want and there are many good reasons behind it.
I get the point about the arrangement of toolbars and buttons, but some people have conniption fits if the colours are different. I certainly do not see any point in that.

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The Squash
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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by The Squash » 2020-06-15, 22:25

I already said this was solved. I appreciate people responding to my question, but I'm now going to get on with my life.

Thanks again.

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New Tobin Paradigm
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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2020-06-15, 23:32

What was solved? I see no issue to resolve here.
Is it that you have no idea where you are going or what you're supposed to be doing right now?
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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by adesh » 2020-06-16, 07:01

Why are we discussing this? Don't beat the dead horse, and please quench your thirst elsewhere. This should be locked else someone will again preach about consistency and design.

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Re: Why have a build specifically for OS X?

Post by Moonchild » 2020-06-16, 12:42

I'll happily preach about consistency, design ad intuitive interfaces any day. I'm not gonna lock a thread in fear of that.
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