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The Mac OSX version of Pale Moon is still very much in development. Your assistance in bringing this build to fruition is greatly appreciated, but you can expect there to be bugs and problems for a while yet!

Any specific bugs you find that don't have their own topic yet: please make a new topic; one bug per topic please to keep things organized.

Please also note that these builds are currently created by Sugis and Moonchild will likely not be able to provide insight or assistance due to lack of Mac hardware and OS/build knowledge for Mac.
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Re: Mac 27.3.0 build

Postby HarmonicResonance » Wed, 13 Sep 2017, 01:00

sugis wrote:Ah, that thread mostly relates to the older 26.x.x series. There were numerous build difficulties during that time frame -- have you tried with the new 27 tree though? It took a lot less work to get it building on Mac than 26 did historically.

I spent some time doing this today, and I can't get it to build.

I downloaded the tycho branch, exported the MOZCONFIG environment variable, and set the correct location for the 10.7 SDK in mozconfig.tycho. That allowed the build to limp along until it died on a test routine. So in the configure file, I edited out the edit for test for -enable-application directory, and instead forced browser option starting at line 11046. The build limped along further, until it died at dom/media/mediasource/TrackBuffersManager.cpp:1677:22.

Code: Select all

  nsTArray<TrackData*> tracks;
  if (HasVideo()) {
  if (HasAudio()) {
  return tracks;

I finally figured out what is happening here -- the function of class TrackBuffersManager is GetTracksList and it is returning an array of tracks of type NsTArray. However as written, this initialization doesn't jive with anything defined for nsTArray in nsTArray.h as far as I could tell. That header file exceeds my C++ decoding ability by miles.

Anyhow, I'd like to be another maintainer, but I'm stuck.

OS 10.9 -- fully updated macports (except autoconf which is at 2.13) -- XCode command-line tools installed.
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