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The Mac OSX version of Pale Moon is provided by various people and is not official or in any way organized at this moment. Your assistance in bringing this build to fruition is greatly appreciated, but you can expect there to be bugs and problems as long as we don't have a maintainer or official builds!

Any specific bugs you find that don't have their own topic yet: please make a new topic; one bug per topic please to keep things organized.

Please also note that these builds are currently created by various independent Mac OS X people and not by our core team; core devs will likely not be able to provide insight or assistance due to lack of Mac hardware and OS/build knowledge for Mac. You'll have to solve the issues among yourselves.
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Current Mac development status

Post by Moonchild » 2017-03-15, 10:47

Hello Mac users!

I've been talking with Sugis about the current status of a Macintosh release, looking to see if things could be made official, but he doesn't have enough time to work through the outstanding issues with the Macintosh version of Pale Moon to dedicate to an official release.

So the current Mac development status and progress should be considered experimental, for advanced users only.
This also means it won't get Official branding while in this state because it won't be ready for official releases.

Sugis has said he may get more time in 6 months or so, but no guarantees.

If anyone else wants to help him work through the issues, they are welcome to volunteer :) Knowledge of C++, CSS, JavaScript and developing classic applications on Mac required. Pre-existing knowledge of XUL and widget programming as well as graphic design experience is a bonus.
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