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Retiring some projects to FTP

Posted: 2017-03-24, 00:35
by Moonchild
Considering several 3rd party builds are no longer maintained, I'll be retiring the previously-existing websites and moving binaries to our archival FTP server.
Please go to for these builds from now on.

The following will be removed from the active 3rd party contributed list:
  • Slackware builds: previously supplied by Ketmar.
    You can find the latest built binaries for FossaMail and Pale Moon in 3rdparty/slackware/{$architecture}/
  • Raspberry Pi 2 boards: previously supplied by dimag0g.
    You can find the latest built binaries for Pale Moon in 3rdparty/RasPi/
    Please note general information in readme.txt
  • Special SSE/IA32 builds: previously supplied by Mercury.
    You can find the binaries for Pale Moon up to and including 26.5.0 in 3rdparty/SSE/ and 3rdparty/IA32