I just wanted to say "thank you".

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I just wanted to say "thank you".

Unread post by banjo2E » 2012-06-24, 23:11

I've been having severe problems with Flash for months now. Youtube videos stuttered horribly, causing me to miss anything happening more rapidly than about a half second apart, and occasionally froze my system completely. Other Flash files, like games, would have similar stuttering, making most games unplayable entirely. This only happened in-browser; desktop Flash players didn't do this at all. The best advice anyone ever gave me was "update your graphics card drivers" which in fact I've been unable to do for over a year now; there's some sort of esoteric bug with Nvidia's drivers that make version 270.61 (from March or April of 2011) the most recent version that installs properly on many systems, and absolutely nobody's been willing to even attempt to address this.

And then I read this. I performed the recommended fix in the second post, and I immediately noticed a difference. Youtube videos no longer stutter at all, and I haven't had a single crash.

Thank you, Pale Moon devteam. I will definitely be donating to you in future, just for this.