What add-ons do you use?

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What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by dark_moon » 2012-05-15, 16:17

Here is my list:

Need to have are only Adblock Plus, Cs Lite Mod and NoScript

And the Adblock Plus extension Element Hiding Helper, RefControl, Secure Login and Stylish as Nice to have

No need for the other need to have addons.

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What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by megaman » 2012-05-15, 16:28

I will join you guys and put my list. :)

Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV
everygain Translator
Fasterfox Lite
Scrollbar Search Highlighter
Smartvideo for Youtube
Tab Mix Plus
Tabs Always in Titlebar
Text Area Cache
Webmail Ad Blocker
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What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by Rohugh » 2012-05-15, 16:44

My add-ons -

Adblock Plus. Disabled for this forum of course.
Custom Tab Width. I can never see the reason for having such wide tabs as default.
FireGestures. I am lazy and less moving the mouse to point at something.
Last Pass. Too many different passwords to remember, let something else do it for me.
FEBE/XMarks. Covers back-up or mess up, easier re-installation of the browser.
Scriptish/Stylish. I have a couple of helpful scripts running on one forum.
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What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by jumba » 2012-05-22, 14:22

Never liked mouse gestures but this add-on changed how I use my browser.

MouseControl "Switch, close, undo close, jump, new, duplicate, and zoom tab control all through just your left, right, and scroll mouse buttons."

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What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by nana2 » 2012-05-22, 15:20

NoSquint - manage site-specific zoom levels and color settings
Download Statusbar - view and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar
Addon Update Checker - checks for extension updates
Preferences Cleaner - to clean remnants in about:config after uninstalling extensions

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Re: What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by Night Wing » 2012-05-22, 17:28

For both Pale Moon and Firefox:

IE Tab V2
Linux Mint 19.1 (Tessa) Xfce 64 Bit (Default Distribution OS) with 64 Bit linux Pale Moon
Windows 7 SP1, 64 Bit (Backup OS) with 32 Bit windows Pale Moon


Re: What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by dallas7 » 2012-05-22, 18:54

Adblock Plus with Element Hiding Helper
-Subscribed filters: EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Malware Domains
-About 100 of my own Blocking and Element Hiding rules
-Only the local settings.sol file is set as protected
Change Referer Button
Compact Menu 2
Extended Statusbar
Preferences Cleaner
Search Engine Security
Speed Dial
Toolbar Buttons
-Tracker Notifications off
-Search Analyzer off


Re: What add-ons do you use?

Unread post by Pnume » 2012-06-09, 15:56


And here are some scripts I have enabled: