I wonder what Nightly does.

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I wonder what Nightly does.

Post by megaman » 2012-05-15, 17:05

I posted a topic in Firefox's section about Flash being a problem.
I was blaming my computer for being slow, but it is the browser and Flash to blame.
My problem is that Flash starts to drag my browser to a slow turtle-like pace.

Here is the weird thing...
Firefox and Pale Moon 12 have this problem.
Firefox 13 Beta has this problem.
Firefox 14 Aurora has this problem.

But...Firefox 15 Nightly hardly has this problem.
It does not stop there, this has been happening from all the Nightlies since 12, so something is added on the Aurora line that starts to mess up Flash.
Also, we know that Flash is the problem and Adobe has to fix it, but it is not so simple, we need Firefox to do its part as much as possible.

Note: Do not start with your "It works fine for me without problems" because you guys might have faster/better processors than mine. I am just surprised that Nightly is less of a problem, for the past 3 versions, until that browser version hits Aurora.
I can keep my add-ons, and browser like normal, Flash is not bothering me one bit, as the other versions. I still wonder what is going on.
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