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Some anonymous feedback...

Posted: 2013-09-13, 06:41
by Moonchild
So, I get some "anonymous" feedback sometimes (people who decide to not fill out their name or e-mail on the feedback form).
Usually that goes into the bin without giving it a second thought, but this one I found amusing, so I'm addressing it here since other people may feel the same, and I obviously don't have any contacting info to explain ;-) (they are shooting themselves in the foot by remaining misinformed because of it):
anonymous user wrote: {masked}{IP removed})
name: NA
e-mail: NA
verification: NA
Subject: Other
Comment: Recommendations:

- Enable TLS 1.2
- Do not show map of current users locations, it is an invasion of privacy
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0
Enable TLS 1.2

While I certainly agree with this recommendation, implementation of it in Firefox is a long way off. It requires 1.1 to be implemented first which isn't available yet either. I leave coding of the NS security back-end in the capable hands of the dedicated security team since the last thing I want to do is create vulnerabilities instead of fixing them.

Do not show map of current users locations, it is an invasion of privacy

Total nonsense! When you surf the web, your IP address is always recorded, because you are in a public space and seeing your location displayed is just a reminder that it is normal for servers to know your IP address (e.g. in access logs, error logs, etc.) when you surf, even if you don't normally see the data displayed. IPs are available in IP lookup tables to find the physical location which is the way your IP is first generalized and then displayed. That is the extent to which data is used, and does not invade anyone's privacy. There is no personal information collected or stored, and at no time, the world map has access to any sort of private or personal information of visitors.

Re: Some anonymous feedback...

Posted: 2013-09-13, 12:42
by Night Wing
I don't mind being listed on the "world map". I haven't gotten that paranoid yet. ;) And I don't use an elite proxy either to hide my IP address.

After all; my name, home address and home phone number where I live are listed in the public phone books.

Re: Some anonymous feedback...

Posted: 2013-09-24, 01:17
by lyceus
- Do not show map of current users locations, it is an invasion of privacy
Dear Mr. Anonymous: Even if the map is gone from the page the NSA will find you and Carmen San Diego. Stop stealing monuments now!