Shutdown of the ASCII ribbon campaign

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Shutdown of the ASCII ribbon campaign

Unread post by Moonchild » 2013-07-01, 09:30

The ASCII ribbon campaign, has been shut down. wrote:All good things must come to an end

Considering the campaign has fallen on deaf ears of all who matter, this site is no longer in operation and the campaign has been officially shut down. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts and support in trying to educate the masses on the issues with and pitfalls of HTML-based e-mail and the unnecessary use of bandwidth because of it.

A sign of the times: despite bandwidth by volume (especially on mobile devices) being very commonplace, and everyone having a lot of connectivity, people simply don't care about efficient use of communication means.

Thank you once again for your support -- it's been a blast!

Signing off,
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Re: Shutdown of the ASCII ribbon campaign

Unread post by Blacklab » 2013-07-01, 12:54

Joining the dots... I had ended up on the above page yesterday and did wonder if the "Signing off, MC" was indeed Pale Moon's Moonchild aka MC? :)

John Verity's recent question "unusual problem with Pale Moon and the British English dictionary 1.19.3. It keeps underlining parts of complete words as misspelling in hotmail (" was added to the "Firefox/Pale Moon and Hotmail" thread, and concluded with an intriguingly cryptic sentence:

[quote="In his final response to John Verity's "unusual misspelling problem" Moonchild"]
It seems then that inserts formatting in the middle of a word if you use indentation, because otherwise Pale Moon would not select only part of a word. This (html e-mail) formatting will be hidden from view but will be present in the actual input field. This is not something that can be "fixed" on the browser side, and it's something that should be reported to the web programmers.

One of the many reasons why html e-mail is evil, I guess ;)[/quote]
Search "html e-mail" top pick was > Wikipedia's "HTML e-mail" page > Wikipedia's "ASCII Ribbon Campaign" page > The ASCII Ribbon Campaign notice.

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Re: Shutdown of the ASCII ribbon campaign

Unread post by lyceus » 2013-07-02, 01:12

Actually is not a surprise, all Android/iOS phones encourage email apps either house services or brand services like Yahoo!. So all those messages need some HTML code to look "nice" (images, emoticons, emoji, video, sound, etc). This waste hard disk space, time and bandwidth but people use email for send everything now. Text is deprecated for the power of the animated gif meme. :P