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About software support tools

Posted: 2019-01-28, 17:14
by Lucio Chiappetti
On another sub-forum there was a thread on Interlink mail client locked by Moonchild because it was OT, I presume mainly because the original post was OT by subject in the sub-forum where it was posted. I do not want to revive the specific topic, but make a generic consideration about the way authors and users of a given software tool may interact. Productively interact as it happens on this forum.
mr tribute wrote:I think people want a forum (could be a subforum to the Pale Moon forum just like FossaMail).
New Tobin Paradigm wrote:IRC is only for basic support questions largely it is for community interaction.. If it becomes complex then that is what the Issue Tracker is for on Github.
Personally I think a mailing list, NNTP newsgroup (if just people would continue using them) or a forum like this one are much easier (better ?) tools for the general user audience and may help to increase the number of users of a given software.

I wasn't interested in FossaMail as "Thunderbird clone" because I was not interested in Thunderbird, since as an old-timer of the linemode client era I am quite happy with Alpine as mail client (which has a mailing list as forum and a productive user interaction :thumbup: , it used also to have a Usenet newsgroup). I might have been considering Interlink in some future though.
I am always been rather keen with Pale Moon as browser and find this forum very productive :thumbup: (and PhpBB a decent forum tool which allows to trace things by thread, actually all the few forums I regularly follow are managed by PhpBB :thumbup: ).
I have never used an IRC. I tend to be reluctant to follow regularly something which requires its different interface :thumbdown: and "get lost in a twisty maze of little forums all different".
Recently I wanted to replace the (licensed) IDL (Interactive Data Language) with the (FOSS) GDL (Gnu Data Language), and I downloaded it just while they were moving from SourceForge to GitHub ... and support from a mailing list to GitHub itself ... which I find extremely dispersive :thumbdown: to follow for generic user support questions, it looks more something for a little closed club of developers.

Re: About software support tools

Posted: 2019-01-28, 21:21
by Moonchild
So, what exactly do you want to discuss, if anything? I agree that a forum would work well for interaction around Interlink but it's been Tobin's express request to use the channels of communication indicated (precluding the Pale Moon forum). It's his application and his support channels of choice; The thread was locked as OT because it's OT for this forum, not just the board it was posted in.

This forum is a product support and community forum primarily for Pale Moon, but also for Basilisk, and any UXP application developers who choose to use it (e.g. for Ambassador). But if the devs choose to use other channels then that is their choice and their choice alone.

Please take any Interlink questions and discussions to the channels indicated by its developer.

Re: About software support tools

Posted: 2019-01-28, 22:23
by New Tobin Paradigm
How about this? You collect 200 dollars and I will answer Interlink support, question, and comment threads in the FossaMail user area of this forum for the remaining balance of the year commitment. Providing I am not otherwise banned or post restricted, of course.