Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

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Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby Tomaso » Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 17:44

https://www.ghacks.net/2018/09/17/pure- ... s-iphones/
A couple of lines of code that runs in any modern web browser by default may crash Apple's Safari web browser, iPhones and affects select browsers as well.

TEST (WARNING: This is designed to crash certain browsers!):

Result: Pale Moon v28.0.1 is unaffected!
The developer promises code to crash or freeze Firefox in the coming week.


The same developer released a one-liner, JavaScript this time, that freezes Google Chrome and ChromeOS.

TEST (WARNING: This is designed to freeze certain browsers):

Result: Pale Moon v28.0.1 freezes!


It is up to the browser's developers to fix the issue.
While it does lead to freezes or crashes only, it may lead to data loss due to that.
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Knows the dark side
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Re: Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby Night Wing » Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 22:10

Tomaso wrote:TEST (WARNING: This is designed to freeze certain browsers)

If the address freezes Pale Moon, why did you put that on here for? In other words, I'm not senile enough to copy that address, open a tab, put the address in the Navigation Bar via "Paste and go" and see what DAMAGE it can do to Pale Moon.
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Re: Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby back2themoon » Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 23:22

Not sure why this is supposed to be sensational? Some guy made a link that can crash browsers?

Great, just don't click on this guy's links. Unless this uncovers an underlying, valid security/coding etc. weakness, it doesn't make much sense.
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Re: Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby Isengrim » Tue, 18 Sep 2018, 02:29

I guess it's sensational because it affects so many browsers at once.

And, the links are there so that people can (carefully) test with them to see if they get the same results.

Can confirm that the first link is okay, and the second causes a freeze on my Linux box.
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Re: Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby Moonchild » Tue, 18 Sep 2018, 05:58

Creating a DoS or "evil trap" page is nothing new. Anyone can make a simple recursive JavaScript blurb that will hang up any browser (because recursive calls are very hard to catch), for example.

Crashes (insofar as they aren't deliberate due to out-of-memory) are more interesting, but as indicated, Pale moon isn't affected.
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Re: Pure CSS crashes iPhones and affects some browsers

Unread postby SLotman » Tue, 18 Sep 2018, 16:48

Awww... I came here happy to report Palemoon wasn't affected - you guys beat me :P

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