Which VPN?

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Re: Which VPN?

Unread post by rabnbeinn » 2018-07-03, 15:20

Yes a VPN will slow down your download speed, some servers more than others. It's a case of finding the best server, I live in the UK and I get my best speeds from a server in Sweden which is considerably faster than a server that is less than 30 miles from my home.

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Re: Which VPN?

Unread post by van p » 2018-07-03, 16:11

Thanks, rabnbeinn. Does the user experiment by trying different servers/locations and choosing the one that's fastest--is that how it works? Could the test results change over time: a server/location slows down for whatever reason, or speeds up, or a new one becomes available? Do all the servers/locations from a particular vendor have exactly the same characteristics otherwise, like privacy, logging, etc.? Also, a vendor may be located in a privacy-friendly country/territory, but what about a server that's not located in such a place; is there some level of risk there? I guess the URL mentioned earlier about the Turkish government seizing a server says, "Yes," although the eventual outcome may be benign. Thanks again.
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Re: Which VPN?

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-08-06, 16:41

Locking this thread since all it does now is attract spammers.
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