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Knows the dark side
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Re: Hard to say but i leave

Unread postby Night Wing » Wed, 07 Feb 2018, 04:56

Thehandyman1957 wrote:Sadly, he is now on the dark side of the moon. So we shall never know. :angel:

Pink Floyd knows. ;)
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Re: Hard to say but i leave

Unread postby lyceus » Mon, 12 Feb 2018, 06:05

gracious1 wrote:
Moonchild wrote:Considering he asked for his account to be deleted and was purportedly vague, I guess we'll never know.

That seems kind of extreme. All you have to do is stop posting, stop visiting. To ask for an account to be deleted is rather pointed, as though there was some anger or hurt feelings.

I had an odd request like that. As you may not know I have a werewolf page somewhere on the net, and I did ran a guestbook from 1995 to 2010. Some french dude came on 2011 to beg, yes BEG to me to remove his entry. The reason, he still use the same nickname for his actual job and his boss linked him with werewolves (oh la la, mon Dieu!). So I kindly removed the entry and later discarded the guestbook since that was so Web 1.0

I asked the scales and their guess is that he got a job where Pale Moon is not welcome at work. So well, if you still see this in secret, thanks to the fish and see you again!
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