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SRWare iron

Unread post by Tallpaultn » 2012-08-05, 00:22

SRWare Iron Browser still carrying the banner in the Google Chrome-like browser department--it simply does the job it was designed to do for me. I use FF & PM also, but I use SRWare Iron quite often--competition is a very good thing & the proof is in the puddin'...

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Re: SRWare iron

Unread post by megaman » 2012-08-06, 21:26

What is the intention? If you use Google-oriented sites, it makes it moot to use the browser in the first place.
It is not Chrome-like, it is based out of Chromium, in which Chrome is based out of as well. They both are Chromium-like in perspective.

As for the browser itself:
Iron does have a boost in speed, in some benchmarks, but it does not work well with Real-World applications as the Gecko-builds do.
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