"Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a topic/thread?

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"Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a topic/thread?

Unread post by Blacklab » 2012-07-28, 13:45


Would anyone be interested in something along the lines of a "Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a new topic/thread?

Some posts might just be great css finds or a good link, some enthusiastic PM users might write/post their own scripts, others might ask for/suggest fixes or variations, some posts might get answered, some not, some might end up as Tutorials/Howtos, others might get rubbished (politely of course!) - the general aim would be a "css learning experience" for anyone using Pale Moon, whether posting or just reading.

Due to the "version specific" nature of many css scripts the thread would be quite long running and last for the life of each major PM version. Perhaps one of the more expert :geek: forum members might volunteer/be asked to act as a Moderator to save wasting Moonchild's time?

My preference would be for a "narrow" topic for "direct css only" ie: only scripts written into PM's Profile chrome folder - easier to keep thread "on topic" and control "rambling" somewhat. Alternatively topic could go a bit wider to cover css written using Stylish Add-on or much wider to include Themes and more general hacks?

If this is really a MozillaZine forum thread (See example @: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2057009&start=15) and/or i) Moonchild doesn't approve, ii) nobody interested, iii) it's a rubbish idea, then I quite understand. :D


After successfully Changing Bookmark Folder Icons (see: Tutorials/Howtos and Community support forum Topic) by
means of a "userChrome.css" file I went on to "tweak" the Pale Moon GUI with a few more css scripts, for example I have had this one running for a few days prompted by the question "Is there a simple way to change tab color? (http://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1086) posted recently by context:

Change Active Tab Font Colour/Style whilst loading (If new to css scripts see: Changing Bookmark Folder Icons topic in Tutorials/Howtos and use script below instead of (or in addition to) Bookmark Folder Icons script.)

Code: Select all

/* change font colour to red and italic whilst loading */
.tabbrowser-tabs > tab[busy] .tab-text {
color: red !important;
font-style: italic !important;
Above script is fun, simple to play around with, change the color, try without italics line, etc. Less successfully, and after trying several, I can't say I have found/adjusted/written an entirely satisfactory css script to change the Active and Normal tab colors! Tabs seem rather complex! I am working on this and a few other scripts and have discovered the joy of the DOM Inspector Add-on and it's frankly brilliant sidekick InspectorWidget.

Obviously there is a whole world of css out there and I haven't done any programming since using the first ever Amstrad Word Processor (anyone remember "Locomotive" software?) c.1981 when I also wrote programmes in BASIC and machine code on a Sinclair ZX-81 and a rather expensive HP9845 with only 56K of RAM - both using tape storage! I expect younger readers will have to Google computer museum articles to find most of that kit!


So to sum up:
1. Would anyone be interested?
2. @Moonchild - would you be happy with such a topic/thread on Pale Moon forum?
3. If :thumbup: from Moonchild/others in favour - any thoughts on: Which Board? Title? Narrow/Wider discussion option?
4. A :thumbdown: from Moonchild/others not interested/rubbish idea, etc - then it's obviously a non-starter! :(
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Re: "Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a topic/thread?

Unread post by Moonchild » 2012-07-28, 13:59

:thumbup: from me!

Since there's been more than one request for a more "tech oriented" corner on the forum, I've created a "Technical chat" board now. All the ueber-geeky, code-related, advanced topics should be shunted that way ;) and the CSS corner could be a good start!
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Re: "Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a topic/thread?

Unread post by Blacklab » 2012-07-28, 14:17

@Moonchild - thanks for your :thumbup: and creating "Technical chat" board. Anyone else interested in a CSS corner?

EDIT: Not exactly trampled to death by a herd of elephants replying to this suggestion - but worth a try all the same! Suspect "CSS tweaks" as a subject falls neatly between two stools.....too easy/boring for the (Uber) Geek and too difficult/technical for the ordinary user?.....and perhaps Pale Moon users are not a big enough community (yet) to support/need the rather (over)ambitious idea above? Anyhow I shall post some CSS tweaks that work for me - and some that don't - on the new Technical chat board and see how thing progress from there!
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Re: "Pale Moon 12 CSS Script Corner" as a topic/thread?

Unread post by dark_moon » 2012-07-28, 14:44

I have much css codes in my style, but here another script:

/* Black about:blank site*/
@-moz-document url("about:blank"){*:empty:not([style]):not([text]):not([class]):not([onresize]){background-color:#000}}