Request for more extensive Release Notes (or otherwise)

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Request for more extensive Release Notes (or otherwise)

Post by Trala » 2012-07-17, 18:36


I'd like to request that the Release Notes might include any intention not to release a Pale Moon version for the major builds of the Firefox browser. So when Firefox 13 was released, but there is no plan to release a Pale Moon 13, this would be mentioned in the Release Notes or otherwise on the main page. I ask this because I always find myself trying to look for proof if any major PM version will be released or not, but I often cannot find any mention of this.

Or, further, is Pale Moon still walking somewhat in tandem with Firefox releases, or has this already been broken up, etc?


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Re: Request for more extensive Release Notes (or otherwise)

Post by Moonchild » 2012-07-17, 22:35

From the release notes of the current branch (12) as found on :
This version marks the start of a different release schedule for Pale Moon.

Instead of following the rapid release schedule of Mozilla, the browser will use version 12, a properly matured build with essential functionality, as a base to make incremental updates upon.
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