IE 9 Faster than Pale Moon 12.2.1

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IE 9 Faster than Pale Moon 12.2.1

Unread post by Jillian » 2012-07-08, 15:38

I ran a speed test from my ISP provider and IE9 had 12.2 Mbps download speed and Pale Moon has 11.88 Mbps Google Chrome , before I uninstalled it , got the same as IE9 . Firefox came in at 8.7 and I immediately uninstalled Firefox. I could tell it was very slow on my computer. I just want Pale Moon to beat IE9 . So bottom line is that Chrome and IE9 were getting a better speed which I have 12MBPS .

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Re: IE 9 Faster than Pale Moon 12.2.1

Unread post by Moonchild » 2012-07-08, 16:14

Download speed is determined by the net speed of your ISP. The test you have run is also not typical browser communication, since that would make many requests for many small files instead of downloading large chunks. The variation seen between IE9, PM and Chr is normal fluctuation for network throughput speed. Firefox coming in so low is, however, peculiar - maybe something isn't quite optimized in it for throughput, or maybe some other user on your local net used up a whole lot of bandwidth at the time.

Bottom line: you are testing your network throughput speed, not browser speed. Your can't draw the conclusion that IE9 is faster than Pale Moon based on the throughput of your ISP. ;)
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Re: IE 9 Faster than Pale Moon 12.2.1

Unread post by Jillian » 2012-07-08, 19:40

Well thanks. I didn't know that. I went to another speed check and it was slower. Google said with an ad " Now try a Faster browser "