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Pale Moon for Android 25.4.1 released!

Posted: 2015-05-08, 14:56
by Moonchild
Pale Moon 25.4.1's APK is, as usual, available in the Google Play store in a few hours, or downloadable right now from here:


If FTP does not work (some mobile phones have trouble using an ftp URL with login credentials and anonymous FTP will not work), you can also download it via HTTP:
Mirror 1 (US): here.
Mirror 2 (EU): here.

It's also available from GamersHell. (might be published with a slight delay there)

Re: Pale Moon for Android 25.4.1 released!

Posted: 2015-05-10, 09:36
by Moonchild
A quick update to 25.4.1 here, as well.

Re: Pale Moon for Android 25.4.1 released!

Posted: 2015-06-09, 12:07
by Katryne
Hello ! I have been using Pale Moon for some times now on my computer. Thanks a lot. I even wrote a review somewhere about it. I just installed it as well on my Android Phone. It's really great, thank you also. But ... I cannot manage to install the French language file. On the Android version, I mean. It's OK with the windows version on the computer. The error message says :
Language pack could not be installed because it is not compatible with Pale Moon 25.4.1
I don't understand the reason why, since it was correctly installed on the computer which runs too with version 25.4.1. Note that PM was installed on computer with the language file long before the actual version, and was regularly updated afterwards.
Can you give me any tip ?
In case the French language file would be incomplete, I can help with translations. I am used to it, having contributed to translations for several softwares.

Re: Pale Moon for Android 25.4.1 released!

Posted: 2015-06-10, 11:12
by Moonchild
Please understand that Pale Moon for Android is a completely different piece of software (it's an Android App written in Java, mostly). There are no language packs available for the Android version.

Re: Pale Moon for Android 25.4.1 released!

Posted: 2015-06-11, 13:28
by Katryne
Understood ! Thanks. Please keep in mind my help proposal for the main stream (Translation to French on PM for desktop), if necessary.