What browser will you replace PM4A with?

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Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by lyceus » 2015-09-24, 01:46

Ok. Well I am testing the new beast so I will focus to try to play videos but my device Android 4.1.2 may be too old indeed for these 4.4/5.0 bugs found.


Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by Gary5 » 2015-09-24, 10:46

Moonchild wrote:I'll likely release a 25.7.1 PM4A version as a straight up maintenance and security release
Thanks, much appreciated!

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Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by _Poke_ » 2015-09-26, 09:39

The beta has been working well for me so far on my Lollipop 5.0 phone.
The one slight difference I've encountered is how it handles the videos it can't play. The old version would always either crash to home or ignore the video and continue working fine. This version becomes very slow and laggy on the occasions that it doesn't crash, and it's only fixed by restarting.

It's rare to find these videos when I'm not looking for them, so it doesn't really matter. Other than that issue the browser works great.
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Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by ikar-us » 2015-10-15, 23:28

To go back to the original question:

I was searching foer a non-mainstrem browser that can sync desktop and mobile.
This was how I stumbled upon PM.

When I continued the search,
I stumbled upon the Yandex browser
and have been using it since then.

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Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by LimboSlam » 2015-10-16, 02:12

Well nothing at this time since PM4A it's up-to-date, security wise.
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Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by CharmCityCrab » 2015-10-16, 03:48

I've been using Firefox for Android. The "modern" user interface it uses is less of an issue for me for a phone browser than it is on desktop, because of screen space and touch-screen considerations. I went ahead and put UBlock Origin on it, and am even replacing some of the more obnoxious ad-ridden apps with "desktop" shortcuts on the phone (I dropped Ad-Block Plus for Firefox on mobile because it only allows use of one filter list whereas ABP's competing browser allows full filter use. That strikes me as ABP trying to coerce users into using their Android browser by keeping a lot of features out of their Android Firefox extension, and I won't support that behavior. UBlock Origin has no competing browser and allows full functionality in their add-on. Still with Ad-Block Latitude in my desktop browser, though!). It also supports some other add-ons like Murdoch Block, but no Flashblock or Privacy Badger (Yet?).

Things I don't like about Firefox for Android:

1. Occasional pop-ups on it's home screen to advertise Mozilla stuff. Sure, it's not ad-space they're selling, it's to advertise their own stuff, but I don't like it, and there's no setting to turn it off.

2. No bookmark folders. Even if I could sync Firefox for Android with Pale Moon for PC, I wouldn't, because I have some bookmark folders like ebooks and music to consider purchasing that are on my PC that I wouldn't want dumped in with like cnn.com or something on mobile. Chrome for Android has folders, and that allowed me to sync very smoothly with the PC version when I was using both. If hypothetical future Pale Moon for Android development were to include folders and have them sync *as folders*, that'd be very a big deal to me in a good way.

I think Pale Moon for desktop and Firefox for Android have both been big improvements over Chrome on their respective platforms. Enough so that it's worth giving up syncing. But I'd like to be able to sync if I could- *if* Pale Moon for Android resumed development and added folder support.

If Pale Moon for Android development ever resumes, I think we could count on them not to go the Mozilla pop-up route in point 1 above, which would be an advantage for them. However, I don't know if they'd be able to add folders or not. Folders would really be the "killer" feature that'd definitely have me using mobile Pale Moon, because it'd let me sync bookmarks with my primary desktop browser, Pale Moon. Without folders on Android, I couldn't see enabling sync between PC and Android even if I used Pale Moon for both, so it'd have to have other advantages to get me to switch on Android.

Anyway, I'm going to stick with Firefox for Android while Pale Moon isn't being actively developed for that platform, but I really love what Pale Moon has done with desktop and a lot of their philosophies and development for the Windows platform, and would be very interested in seeing what they'd do with an Android browser if they went that way, and how a lot of stuff would translate. Could they pack in more customization and user choice than Mozilla on such a small screen and still be easy to use? It'd be an interesting challenge for them.

Pale Moon is for my needs by a long run the best choice as a desktop browser. I wonder if given the right volunteers and resources, they would be able to be that on Android as well, or if it wouldn't have many user facing differences relative to Firefox for Android other than potentially less add-on compatibility (Not intentionally, just by virtue of having less of an app developer base).

I'd be interested in their ideas on user interface for mobile and stuff.

Right now, is it basically just rebranded Firefox from a user facing perspective? Or does the Android version already have big differences in the UI and such? How far along were they development wise before they had to drop it?


Re: What browser will you replace PM4A with?

Post by CANADIAN PIG » 2015-11-10, 19:04

x-15a2 wrote:I'm looking at Ghostery browser which defaults to DDG searches, has Ghostery features built in and lots of privacy controls.
I've always been concerned about Ghostry. I like privacy, but Ghostry being run by a advertising company is concerning to me.