Adobe Flash and Pale Moon: Visual guide conf/install

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Adobe Flash and Pale Moon: Visual guide conf/install

Post by lyceus » 2014-11-17, 17:33

Hi to everybody!

Since there are a lot of questions about Adobe Flash and Pale Moon, I write this guide right now in my Android device: a 7" Polaroid tablet with Android 4.0.3. First of all, if you cannot activate Adobe Flash in Pale Moon is not a trouble of the browser but of your Android device configuration.


For made things clear is not a malfunction of your device, just that Adobe decided that the last version of Flash for Android would be compatible with version 4.0.x, so if you have 4.1 or newer you won't be able to use it. But chances are that you have the plugin installed in your device, let's look how to tell if so:

1. You have a flash icon in your device like this:
or you have Adobe Flash player listed in your apps manager like this:
2. The best way to configure Flash player is opening the icon or launch the app in the app manager. This will launch the browser and ask you which one use, select Pale Moon and you will see this screen:
You need to tap for made Flash work inside Pale Moon. This will open the Adobe Configuration tool which is a SWF file indeed for test if the plug-in works fine.
If you already see this screen, congratulations! Adobe Flash works for your device and is running, just check your privacy settings and you are set! :mrgreen: This guide was checked against versions 24.7.2 - 25.0.x and 25.1.0

I hope this guide helps you. See you! :wave:


Originally this was a guide for INSTALL flash in your Android device, but sadly Adobe removed the player from the store. Thus this means that the automatic check for your device is not possible. If you are looking for INSTALL the player in your device please check these two warnings:

WARNING #1: There are a lot of scam apps in the Google Play Store that trick you for open a web page and ask you money for "install" flash in your device. These apps are trojans and malware that trick you to give your credit card numbers, so please do not install these apps even in the form of web books. If your device hasn't Adobe Flash installed by the manufacturer you cannot use or download it anymore. But...

WARNING #2: If you are a hacker/power user, you may try to locate the apk in some Android old version apk pages (Google is your friend here) and try to install it using the "allow install from unknown sources or outside the app store" in the development tool menu.

But be warned that this may brick you device since Flash is a root app and it can overwrite your Bios or mess up the device if find another version different of 4.0.x. or lower. If you had never did perform a "jailbreak" or "Bios reflash" procedure better don't do it because you will void your guarantee as well. I am not responsive if you want to install Flash by force and you brick your device so the only chance to fix it is reflash it. :thumbdown:
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Re: Adobe Flash and Pale Moon: Visual guide conf/install

Post by fehmi » 2014-12-12, 20:41

Adobe hosts older Flash Player versions for Android devices - ... sions.html

The latest version is


Re: Adobe Flash and Pale Moon: Visual guide conf/install

Post by OLee_ » 2015-01-07, 19:17

fehmi wrote:Adobe hosts older Flash Player versions for Android devices - ... sions.html

The latest version is
Thanks for the information. I have used the above version on Android 4.xx devices. However, now I have a Nexus 6 phone running Android 5.01. Does anyone have any information about a version of Flash Player that will work on Android 5.01? I prefer to use Pale Moon as my browser and don't want to switch to a different browser, like Dolphin, just to view a site that refuses to replace the discontinued flash player. Thanks.