Bookmark-Sync to Firefox Mobile

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Bookmark-Sync to Firefox Mobile

Unread post by Doelli » 2019-01-04, 21:36

Hello everybody!

I use Pale Moon and want to syncronize all Bookmars from it with Firefox Mobile (Android).
Is there any way to do that?

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Re: Bookmark-Sync to Firefox Mobile

Unread post by vannilla » 2019-07-18, 13:04

I don't think that is possible.
Definitely not with Pale Moon's sync, but there might be some arcane incantation to do it anyway (just not with Pale Moon sync.)

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Re: Bookmark-Sync to Firefox Mobile

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-07-18, 13:21

It's not possible, unless someone writes an extension to use Firefox Sync from within Pale Moon, OR someone writes an extension to use Pale Moon Sync from within Firefox for Android.
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Re: Bookmark-Sync to Firefox Mobile

Unread post by raindress » 2019-07-19, 06:57

started playing around with json & csv files and sending to android via email--got too complicated for me with android editors(could work if had bigger brain). what I did was a bit simple..exported palemoon html bookmarks to windows pc file & then emailed to myself. opened android email and saved the file.opened android file(the option noted-chose firefox) all the bookmarks should show on browser under file:///storage/ on firefox the "star"(save bookmark).all will be avail. but you cannot edit each one unless you open one at a time & if you have many this will take time.

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