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Re: Palemoon for Android

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-04-25, 14:31

Pale Moon for Android is dead.
Issue #1053 (UXP)
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Re: Palemoon for Android

Unread post by CharmCityCrab » 2019-04-25, 21:49

JosephY wrote:
2019-02-05, 09:00
Thanks. What is an alternative then?
I use Firefox for Android. I'm pretty happy with that. No software is ever perfect, but it basically does what I want roughly the way I want it to on a phone. It has an add-on library and you can install things like UBlock Origin, personas, etc.. The add-on library isn't as extensive as what they have for PCs, but it's got what I consider the important stuff.

Edge for Android is also available. I used it briefly for a website that was incompatible with Firefox for Android and then uninstalled it when either Mozilla or the website admin corrected the issue. It seemed alright- a limited version of Ad-Block Plus was built in and could be enabled in settings, and there was a dark mode available, but there was no actually add-on library, if I recall correctly.

Ad-Block Plus actually has an official Android browser, a fork of Firefox, but I was a bit annoyed that they seem to have intentionally left features out of their Firefox for Android add-on to make them exclusive to their browser. That actually made me not only uninstall the ABP browser for Android, but also switch my Firefox add-on to UBlock Origin. ABP certainly has the right to do what they want to do, but I have the right to do what I want to do, which in this case to avoid ABP because of the way they were attempting to leverage their ad-blocking marketshare to force people to their own browser (To be clear, I have no issues with them having their own browser, I just don't like that they took features away (or never included them in the first place) on their Firefox for Android add-on to help their browser).

I know Waterfox is also available for Android, but haven't tried it. The bad reviews on Google Play put me off. Maybe I'll try it at some point when I perceive the product to have improved.

Vivaldi was working on an Android version last I heard, but I don't think it's out yet.

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Re: Palemoon for Android

Unread post by gi_jimbo » 2019-04-30, 14:09

I use Brave. My only complaint is they don't have a "dark" (low-light) mode.

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