[Solved] How To Create A New Profile In Linux Pale Moon

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Re: How To Create A New Profile In Linux Pale Moon

Post by Night Wing » 2015-09-16, 23:39

troypulk wrote:The easiest way is just go to /home/joe/.moonchild productions/pale moon/ with Thunar

Then rename these two files

to this

Then restart Pale Moon


Thank you, Troy. :clap:

I tried your method above on my linux Mint hard drive in my laptop which I use for testing purpose just in case I had a run in with Murphy's Law. Glad to see this time I avoided a run in with Murphy. You were correct in saying this is the easiest way. If you're familiar with American TV commercials, "so easy a cave man can do it" and even a non-technical person like me can do it. ;) Since I prefer not to install linux Pale Moon in linux Mint, if I ever need to make a new linux Pale Moon profile, I now know how.

Again, thank you, Troy. :clap: :clap:

PS: I wrote the instructions down on paper for "future reference" if needed.
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Re: [Solved] How To Create A New Profile In Linux Pale Moon

Post by benbadge72 » 2015-10-01, 11:29

Had no issue in adding -profilemanager after the command listed in the desktop entry or shortcut for it on LMDE2. It functioned as stated, let me create a new base profile. Can swap now between profiles should I desire, open running PaleMoon. Whee! :) :thumbup: