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Re: Palemoon crashes all the time here too

Posted: 2015-08-11, 08:23
by trava90
Moonchild wrote:Maybe it'd also be a good idea to nudge the Mepis repo maintainer that there's a problem with their build?
I have posted on their forum regarding this.

Re: Palemoon crashes all the time here too

Posted: 2015-08-11, 18:42
by stevepusser
It may be because the MEPIS 12 version is built against Debian 7's libraries, while AntiX 15 uses Debian 8 Jessie. It was not really meant to run on AntiX. There is a native Jessie build in the MX 15 test repository, which is in the AntiX sources but disabled by default.

I don't get the GTK errors on a Wheezy base, nor any crashes following links on those problem sites. I'll see what happens with a Live AntiX session in a virtual machine with the MX 15 build. I'm not sure where the package installer is pulling Palemoon from--it may be the wrong repository.

Edit: no crashes or errors seen with the mx150+1 version on an i386 vanilla Jessie VM that I had suspended and ready to go. Let me start a Live session of AntiX and test the installer version versus the mx150 version--I suspect the metapackage installer is pulling the MEPIS version, maybe because we did not have the native builds up at the time the bm config files were written for the installer.

Edit 2: No crashes with amd64 AntiX on those two sites, either. Just a couple seemingly harmless warnings concerning a Gtk slider property in the terminal. Once the MX test repo is enabled, the MX mx150 version will be seen as an upgrade over the MEPIS mcr120 version.

Re: Palemoon crashes all the time here too

Posted: 2015-08-12, 07:18
by trava90
Thanks for the information and tests Steve!