Why PaleMoon is not listed in any linux repository?

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Why PaleMoon is not listed in any linux repository?

Post by opera1217b1863 » 2015-06-26, 12:34

I'm slowly moving towards using linux 27/7.
Because of the hardware limitations of EeePC 701 4G (only 4GB of space on SSD) I choose Lubuntu.

Each and every installation ISO includes the then-most-current version of Firefox. Why is that?
(I've tried Lubuntu 12.04, 14.04 and now - 15.04)
Why PaleMoon is not even considered by OS developers?

As of now, I'm on Lubuntu 15.04 with PM v25.5.0 - the browser works great!
(Opera Presto for linux is faster still, but...)

What, as a happy PM user, can I do to make PM better represented on linux's distros?


Re: Why PaleMoon is not listed in any linux repository?

Post by squarefractal » 2015-06-26, 13:49

A few distros do use PM by default (e.g. Manjaro Netbook Edition, Puppy Linux "Tahrpup" and derivatives).
It's also in Arch Linux User Repository and in PCLinuxOS repository as well.

You can maintain a PPA yourself for Ubuntu, if you want to do so ;)

As to why Pale Moon is not considered by developers: it is often viewed as Firefox 24 without any improvements or security fixes of any kind. Most of the credit for this goes to members of a particular forum which I will not name here.

While this is patently false, I would concur with the observation that Pale Moon would benefit from implementing newer JS and CSS features.


Re: Why PaleMoon is not listed in any linux repository?

Post by Artemis3 » 2015-07-07, 22:11

In theory someone could take the burden of maintaining a Debian package to make it reach repositories, that would eventually make its way downstream to Ubuntu etc.

The PPA way is more attractive to Ubuntu because its so quick to deploy and can remain current (provided the maintainer doesn't disappear :))

I'm actually running Xubuntu 14.04 on a 701, but mine has 2g of ram. I even traveled around the world last year with it :)
Palemoon performs much better than modern Firefox IMO, they have been adding too much crud lately.

The 701 has a 900mhz Pentium M downclocked to 630mhz; it is closer to a p3. The 900 and later models use Atom cpus.


Re: Why PaleMoon is not listed in any linux repository?

Post by ipsirc » 2015-07-12, 11:37

I am using Pale Moon on Debian Jessie. Just added the mepis repo, which already contains palemoon.
echo "deb http://main.mepis-deb.org/mepiscr/testrepo/ mepis12cr test" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mepis.list
apt-get update
apt-get install palemoon