pminstaller updated to version 0.1.8!

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pminstaller updated to version 0.1.8!

Post by trava90 » 2015-03-30, 13:27

The Pale Moon for Linux installer has been updated to version 0.1.8! The following changes have been made:

** Fix an issue with xhost on some distros (I'm looking at you OpenSUSE)
** Fix various typos and spelling errors in messages
** Clarify error messages and them more user friendly
** Add a visible version number
** Add an option to open the readme file from within the installer
** Updated the readme

Also, I'm going to start signing the installer releases as well; so starting with this release, PGP signature files are also available.

You can grab the updated version from the Pale Moon for Linux SourceForge page.

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Re: pminstaller updated to version 0.1.8!

Post by andy80 » 2015-03-31, 05:18

I am using openSUSE and I have not noticed problems with xhost (but maybe it was because I skipped pminstaller-0.1.7).

One minor thing: when you put your mouse pointer on an item of pminstaller (say, View readme), a popup appears with the item text as content. If you move the pointer to another item (say, Update Pale Moon), the popup remains on the same old position while showing the new content.
I think the popup should move close to the new item.

Forgot to mention: I am using LXDE as DE