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Pale Moon - Linux specific information

Postby trava90 » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:27 am

Seeing how there are several threads floating about with information that is specific to Pale Moon for Linux, I thought that I would bring it all together into one thread for quick reference:

Pale Moon for Linux FAQ

Linux only add-ons:

Blue Moon Linux -- Adds the blue Pale Moon button and other Windows-specific style elements to Pale Moon for Linux. - Thanks to Antonius32 for your work on this! (release notes | support)

Fresh Player Plugin - Enables Pale Moon to use the latest version of Adobe Flash on Linux. -- Thanks to Jaaday for the original post!

Netflix Desktop -- Enables Pale Moon to use Microsoft Silverlight (required for Netflix). This can also be used to enable Adobe Shockwave (not to be confused with Adobe Flash) in Pale Moon. -- Thanks to Jaaday for the original post!

Known distros that include Pale Moon in their official repo:

Puppy Linux "Tahrpup"*

*Included as the default browser

Additional 3rd party repos:

Arch User Repository (AUR)
Gentoo Overlays

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any additional information that should be added to this list!
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