Webm playback issues

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Webm playback issues

Post by wasabisauce » 2015-03-04, 12:31

Hey there
I'm having an issue with Webm playback on palemoon version 25.2.1 (x64)
the problem is a bit strange, and this only happens with Webm playback (have not tested ogg audio playback). Whenever I play a Webm, its like they're going at extreme speeds, the audio is completely distorted (much like it was going way to fast) and the video either jumps forward in huge time skips or goes really really fast.

Webm playback works fine on chromium (could this have something to do with the integrated pepperflash?)
I honestly don't know enough to begin troubleshooting this, and on my laptop which is essentially a mirror of my desktop (other than hardware of course) it works just fine, installed from the same place too (the Arch User Repository). I have attempted to use a blank profile, and to install from a binary instead of using the source compiled version from the AUR and neither of these fixed it.

Here's a video of whats going on - interestingly the audio in this video simply skips, but when its coming through my headphones its much much more distorted :: https://u.teknik.io/MD7Saq.webm (amusingly i cant watch my own video)
You might notice that im using the viewtube userscript, i have also tried this without that script (after the fresh install via binary) and it still has the playback issue. This issue is not only on youtube, but anywhere a webm is embedded (or just a plain link to a webm where it would play in the browser)

I'm currently running Arch Linux, kernel version x86_64 Linux 3.18.6-1-ARCH, on palemoon 25.2.1 (x64)
I can post any other info that would be helpful if its needed

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Webm playback issues

Post by riiis » 2015-03-04, 14:41

wasabisauce wrote:Webm playback works fine on chromium (could this have something to do with the integrated pepperflash?)
Consider installing the freshplayerplugin-git package, to try pepperflash in Pale Moon.

EDIT: You may want to try using VideoLan or the VLC Web Plugin to play these files. However, I did notice a lot of jumping around and other strange behavior of the linked video, in all browsers including Chrome.
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Re: Webm playback issues

Post by SvenG » 2015-03-04, 14:54

webm doesn't need pepperflash or any other kind of flash.