New icon on Navigation toolbar...

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New icon on Navigation toolbar...

Unread postby tenfoot » Thu, 18 Dec 2014, 06:59

Using Pale Moon v25.1.0 on Linux Mint v17.1 Rebecca x64.

I have just become aware of what I think is a new icon on the Navigation toolbar, just to the right of the Forward arrow. It looks like an uncompleted uppercase "D" and in the bottom right corner is a blue rectangle with a figure "1" in the centre. If I hover the mouse over the icon the words: "View and Manage requests" appear.

Should this icon be there? If so, what is its purpose, please? If it shouldn't be there, how can I remove it, please?

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Re: New icon on Navigation toolbar...

Unread postby Heartfelt » Thu, 18 Dec 2014, 20:02

This icon is for the addon called Disconnect. ... isconnect/

EDIT: It's perfectly fine for you to remove the addon if you didn't install it and don't want it's functionality. Click on "Addons" under the "Tools" menu. A page listing your addons will appear. On the left, click on "extensions". Find Disconnect and click the button to the right of its name titled "Remove". After a restart, the addon will be gone.


Re: New icon on Navigation toolbar...

Unread postby tenfoot » Thu, 18 Dec 2014, 21:30

Thanks for your prompt reply heartfelt.

Just after I had posted my questions, I realised what the icon was and searched for my post to delete it. However, as a new member, my post had not been approved. So my search was unsuccessful.

As you will gather, all is now well!

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