Frames per second in Pale Moon, seem subpar to Firefox.

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Frames per second in Pale Moon, seem subpar to Firefox.

Post by kmikazuki » 2014-11-05, 18:07


Title is self defining, more information below.

Technical information:
Pale Moon: 25.0.2
Linux Kernel 3.17, distro Arch Linux
RAM: 4 GB (3.4 Usable)
Graphics Card: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 B57 Processor × 2

I was messing around with canvas and web workers in HTML5, and was monitoring my FPS. I came to notice that Pale Moon of all the browsers I tested had the lowest FPS, and was the least smoothest. (Note, I was not stress testing, or anything of the such.)

FPS comparison per browser (FPS limited to 60.):
Chrome: 60+ FPS
Firefox: 60+ FPS
Opera: 60+ FPS (Felt the most smoothest.)
Pale Moon: 53-54 FPS (Noticeably jittery.)

Stuff I have done to see if there is any effect:
Disabled all my add-ons: No effect.
New profile: No effect.

While I realize speculation is mostly useless, I believe the code of Pale Moon in relation to graphics rendering is less than optimized. (Probably not, not sure, I posted this thread to see if anyone else had this issue.) Anyway, if I can help with any please let me know. Pale Moon is still my favourable choice of a browser.