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Pale Moon Gentoo Overlay

Post by deuiore » 2014-11-04, 12:22

Since months have passed since I decided to write the first ebuild (for version 24.7.1), and there still doesn't seem to be anyone else interested in writing maybe a better version and keeping up with the updates, I decided to copy these out of my personal local overlay and host them on git for whoever wants to easily build Pale Moon on Gentoo without manually messing with the sources.

They're loosely based on the official Firefox ebuilds (and I still use the mozlinguas eclass since it works for Pale Moon too for now), but I use mach to configure and compile it instead of the custom procedure the Firefox ones use.
I also simplified the USE flags since I don't have the time to keep up with all the various possible configurations and based the default one on the Windows one.

And I think that's it. Come on guys, let's make Pale Moon popular on Gentoo too!


Re: Pale Moon Gentoo Overlay

Post by lesik2008 » 2015-03-26, 20:58

Awesome! Thanks for that! Will try it and give feedback. :thumbup:
No more manual downloading from SF, yay ;)