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"Invalid Version" error due to stalled update

Posted: 2014-10-23, 21:23
by sqelch7
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on old C2Duo DG33FB, stalled on PM update to v25.01 @76%. Attempt to run pminstaller script resulted in "INVALID VERSION" and would not download until I shut all systems down and restarted router and comcast modem. ALL MY BOXES (1-XP, 1-Win7, 1-ATOM Ubuntu) FAILED TO RESOLVE DNS after this mishap and had to be rebooted. All on same IP. Not complaining, just curious. Oddly it burped again at 76% the 2nd time - but then continued after pause. Running beaut now - no prob, thx

Re: "Invalid Version" error due to stalled update

Posted: 2014-10-24, 07:08
by Moonchild
Sounds to me like you had a network interruption that confused the installer. Might have been on the Sourceforge side?