Generating packages of Pale Moon

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Generating packages of Pale Moon

Unread post by access2godzilla » 2014-07-01, 13:33

Since there are many people who wish that Pale Moon had binary packages (have a look at the reviews on the pm4linux page), I wrote a tool that generates packages of Pale Moon from the archives generated by the Mozilla build process.

Git repository:
bz2 archive: (in isomer directory)

Currently, Debian, Ubuntu and all RPM based distros are supported; it can be extended by adding a module. For details, refer to the README on Github.

To make a package, you need to download the currently distributed Pale Moon binary archives (*.tar.bz2), and type:

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./isomer <palemoon_archive> ~
This will generate a package of Pale Moon in your home directory. There may be a few bugs though (put together in very little time), so testing the packages in an isolated environment may be preferable.

The release of this tool does not enforce any obligations; it only hopes to serve as a helpful reference should it be felt that production of packages are necessary for the pm4linux project.