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The notorious GTK file picker

Posted: 2014-06-23, 18:06
by Beoulve
First off, I have next to no knowledge in this particular subject and I realize this is quite trivial but I'm gonna ask anyway.

Many probably noticed how simple the GTK file picker is, there's some basic feature missing like the ability to manage files/folders (renaming, deleting etc) and the one deal breaker for me: proper thumbnails. Now to avoid common misunderstanding, I know that the dialog does provide a thumbnail, but ONLY when you select a file, like this:


What I meant by proper thumbnail is:


My question is: is there any way to use an alternative? Though I don't even know if there's one out there :crazy:

I do know that there's an option in about:config to enable/disable it but to be honest, the one that ships with Pale Moon is no better, worse even.

Re: The notorious GTK file picker

Posted: 2014-07-08, 16:38
by Heartfelt
Oh man. Years ago, when I started getting into Linux, I remember there was some magic you could do in the Firefox config files to force it to use KDE's QT file picker.

Did a quick search, but didn't find much. Maybe you can dig deeper than I did during my cursory glance.