No statusbar options on Linux build

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No statusbar options on Linux build

Unread postby jjacky » Fri, 13 Jun 2014, 17:03


So I've decided to try pale moon, and to do so I've compiled it myself (Arch x64). Everything seems fine, except that I don't think it really is. Specifically, palemoon does work without apparent issue, but I do not have a menu "Status bar options" anywhere, while I'm pretty sure I should. (I don't feature the statusbar myself, but for what I could see it behaves exactly as in FF30.)
I've read on multiple occasions that plenty of options where to be found there, but my Tools menu does not feature such an item. (I installed the pale moon controler addon just in case I missed something and it was (now) separated, but that's obviously not the case.) This was of course done on a brand new profile (though same result when importing my FF profile).

Any idea why this would happen? Why could I have done wrong for this to happen? I downloaded the source for 24.6.1 and did a pretty basic compilation, pretty much "make -f build && make -f install" (though I can share the PKGBUILD and/or mozbuild if that can help).

I am not familiar with mozilla's source code/build procedure, but I have compiled FF before without issue (AFAIK). Is there anything specific that needs to be done for the palemoon's statusbar (options) to be featured?

Thanks for any help,


Re: No statusbar options on Linux build

Unread postby access2godzilla » Sat, 14 Jun 2014, 02:00

You must also initiate the packaging stage by cding to the build dir and invoking "make package".


Re: No statusbar options on Linux build

Unread postby jjacky » Sat, 14 Jun 2014, 20:04

Thanks, that did help.

Although, AFAICS "make install" will still not do what's needed to include PM's statusbar. While "make package" does it, it also creates an archive, which isn't what I'm looking for here (I want to create the archive myself, or have my package manager tool do it more precisely). Shouldn't "make install" also take care of installing everything that's needed? After, that is a legitimate way to install PM?

Right now I've ended up doing a "make install" and then adding files from statusbar/distribution into usr/lib/palemoon, which seems to do the trick.

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Re: No statusbar options on Linux build

Unread postby Moonchild » Sat, 14 Jun 2014, 23:52

A lot more is done in the packaging stage than just the status bar inclusion. While you can install it from the build tree directly with make install, you're not getting everything set up as-intended. E.g. jar packaging is also don in the packaging stage; you may end up with flat chrome format instead if you "make install' which is definitely suboptimal.

The normal way to go about installing Pale Moon is to create a package first, then install said package.
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Re: No statusbar options on Linux build

Unread postby access2godzilla » Sun, 15 Jun 2014, 05:56

jjacky wrote:that is a legitimate way to install PM?

The Mozilla codebase is quite different from conventional Unix/Linux projects where the locations are hardcoded into the binary via the "--prefix" argument to configure. The binaries generated thus can be moved around quite easily, making installation and usage easier.
Also, you can unpack the archive yourself if that's needed, and run whatever tools you need to run them on.

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