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Embedded youtube videos blocked.

Posted: 2014-02-13, 03:58
by Roranicus
Alright, first of all, I'm not very technical so this post will probably be missing some important info, just a heads up. I'll do my best to be thorough. Also, I'm not sure if this bug has anything to do with the linux version but it's what I'm using so I'm posting here. Still, I know someone who encountered a similar issue using the windows version of the browser. Feel free to move this thread if I'm in the wrong forum.

The problem is simple, when using, I often encounter this error message:


Opening the same room in firefox fixes the issue and the video can be seen normally. The same addons were used in both browsers, so that's not the issue. Only difference was Status4ever I have disabled on PM, for obvious reasons. I have no idea what would cause this website to work fine under firefox but mess up under palemoon, but there we go. Anyone had any idea?

By the way, cytube is a video synching website, meaning videos are synched between users who can talk about it in a chatroom.


Re: Embedded youtube videos blocked.

Posted: 2014-02-13, 04:25
by Night Wing
I'm using 64-bit linux Pale Moon 24.3.1 in linux SolydX 64 bit and any public video on the link you posted, I can see and hear. The only one I can't see is the one where I have to log in and since I don't have an account, I can't see that video.