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Google blank pages

Posted: 2014-02-04, 05:38
by Night Wing
This next thing isn't about installation, but I think I've found a small glitch in Pale Moon linux which is different when using Pale Moon in Windows. This past morning, I was doing some searches in Google. After clicking on some articles to take me to the website, when I clicked on my Back button to take me back to the Google page with all the search articles listed, it took me back to a blank white colored page. This happened 6 times in a row. In order to see the page, I had to click on my Reload button.

This doesn't happen with Pale Moon in Windows. I do recall this behavior also happened in Firefox in both Windows and in Linux Mint. It has something to do with "session history". The integer for session history by default in Firefox is set at minus one (-1). I changed the integer in Firefox to zero (0) and no more blank colored white page when clicking the Back button in Firefox.

The integer number for Pale Moon in linux is the same as it's set in Windows which is the number two (2). I never had a problem with the Back button giving me a blank white colored page in Windows when using Pale Moon. But, the blank white colored page when using Google is showing up in linux when Pale Moon is the browser.

So I typed my address bar and then in the search feature in about config, I typed: browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers.....and it brought up the integer which was the number two (2) just like in Windows. I changed this number to zero (0) and no more blank white colored pages when clicking on the Back button when using Google in Pale Moon linux.

You might want to check this out in Pale Moon linux or have others confirm it since a non technical person like me could be wrong, but on this, I don't think so since it hasn't happened anymore.

Re: Installing Pale Moon on Linux

Posted: 2014-02-04, 07:48
by access2godzilla
Good to know that you've been able to install Pale Moon.

As for the bug, I can't even get to reproduce it; neither have I ever faced it on Firefox/Pale Moon on Windows/Mac/Linux. I assume you've tried the usual stuff -- cleaning the cache, making a new profile, trying safe mode, disabling "Google instant", all that. Does it happen on any page, or is it just Google? Please give step by step instructions on this.

Re: Google blank pages

Posted: 2014-02-04, 13:10
by Night Wing
It only happens in Google. Since I have Google set as a favorite on my Bookmarks Toolbar, I don't use the Search bar which comes as the default in both Pale Moon and Firefox and which is located to the right of the Address/Navigation bar. I put the Search bar in the Customize box.

I did try the usual stuff you mentioned to try and fix the problem and those didn't work. Also, I noticed another user who goes by "context" has the same problem in the Community forum under the topic of Back Button "Blues". If he changes the integer to zero (0) and this solves his problem, then changing the integer is the solution.

Since he is probably using Windows Pale Moon, maybe Google has changed something for it's website. Just a guess on my part since I haven't had any Back Button problems like this occur in Windows Pale Moon. But, I'm hardly ever using Windows 7 anymore since both of my Desktop computers boot directly to linux when I turn them on in the mornings. I like using both Linux Mint 16 and SolydX so much, I went into the Bios and changed the boot order so I don't have to bring up the Boot Manager anymore (both Desktop computers have two hard drives in each of them) when I wanted to use linux.