Palemoon updates when multiple tabs open

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Walter Dnes
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Palemoon updates when multiple tabs open

Post by Walter Dnes » 2021-04-28, 00:11

Gentoo linux 64-bit, but this may apply to other OS's. With build files being split up, a 2-core Silvermont (Atom) with 8 gigs of ram doesn't cut it for manual builds anymore. I downloaded the tarball off the website, and set it notify me when a new version is available. I also run multiple profiles. They're very useful...
  • Some websites suck if you don't use ANM (Advanced Night Mode)
  • Other sites suck if you do
  • The COVID vaccine booking portal in my area woul only work if I set Preferences ==> Advanced ==> Compatibiliy ==> User Agent Mode ==> Native
  • I turn off HTML5 video autoplay off in most profiles to cut down annoyance
  • But doing so with Youtube/etc requires multiple clicks to actually get a video to play
  • A 3rd-party cookie in one profile is not accessable to ad-trackers from another profile, making tracking a bit more difficult
When I get the notice that a new version is available I'll accept it, and then delay implementation until next startup. I find that if I switch to a different profile, I'll soon get the same "update is available" notice. I'll turn that down. "Out of an abundance of caution" I issue a "killall palemoon" command as soon as practical, and then restart each profile as needed, guaranteeing that they're all at the latest version. I wonder if attempting to upgrade from say 29.1.1 to 29.2.0 in one profile followed by attempting to upgrade the upgraded code to 29.2.0 again in another profile would cause problems. Is my cautious approach necessary?
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Pale Moon guru
Pale Moon guru
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Re: Palemoon updates when multiple tabs open

Post by Moonchild » 2021-04-28, 09:17

Walter Dnes wrote:
2021-04-28, 00:11
Is my cautious approach necessary?
Short answer: no.
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