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Pale Moon binary in chaotic-aur

Posted: 2020-12-25, 16:39
by micwoj92
From the Pale Moon branding information I've read that you are not allowed to "Build and distribute an officially-branded version of Pale Moon that has not been approved as such as a third-party build or specifically exempt from approval. ".

There is unofficial Arch Linux repo called chaotic-aur which contains multitude of aur packages (about 2-3k). The repo provides both palemoon-bin and palemoon packages and they are built using the scripts found in AUR. Is this build approved? I've not seen any information anywhere. There is email to contact maintainer of repo in case of license infringement. Would there be a slight chance to get this binary approved if the maintainer cooperates or is removal only option?

Re: Pale Moon binary in chaotic-aur

Posted: 2020-12-25, 17:30
by Moonchild
All depends on if they are building in a sane manner. Exemptions are clearly outlined in the redistribution license.

Re: Pale Moon binary in chaotic-aur

Posted: 2020-12-25, 17:37
by micwoj92
Whoops sorry, I had this topic in head for a while, but apparently yesterday they removed all packages and I havent checked it since then, from official announcement chat at
December has been an awful month for Chaotic.

We got ruined after losing our beloved first-hardware-class cluster (Oh how I miss those 380Gb of RAM). I kept trying to build 3900 packages with our limited alternatives, and that didn't work out. Packages were severely outdated, broken, some even beyond hope to repair.

Because of that, this last week of the year, we'll go through some changes in-house. Especially, re-planning how we handle and adopts packages.

Package adoption will no longer be this unstoppable out-of-control train. The "hardware owners" will now handle only the packages attractive to them:
- Kitsuna-cluster: Will handle TkG-related packages, including Kernels, Wine, LLVM, Mesa, Proton, and AMDGPU-stack; Also DXVK, Proton-GE and other prominent gaming stuff. Chaotic's NVIDIA/Mirrorlist/Keyring/Mesa/LLVM... (Handlers: LordKitsuna, PedroHLC, RustemB and SolarAquarion)
- Garuda-cluster: Will take packages that are interesting for automating common-daily tasks, performance, and packages targeted for Garuda's users. (Handlers: Librewish and Nico)
- UFSCar-HPC: Will handle mainly Wayland ecosystem and Bluespec. (Handlers: Thotypous and PedroHLC)

We deleted all packages, and starting today we'll slowly re-add them.
As longs as there is an open-slot in some of the hardware, we'll even add new packages.
And if new/better hardware appears, we'll surely add new slots.
I hope you all believe in us and the Chaotic's future.

And Merry Xmas everybody!
With love,
Pedro (the maintainer).

I think this thread can be locked then...