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[Solved PM-28.16.0] drag & drop folder

Posted: 2020-11-27, 11:52
by biopsin
Hi all,
I've encountered a issue and I don't know if it's my build or something else.
I don't expect any support as the build is somewhat of spec, but a confirmation that it works fine or not.

In the previous version of Pale Moon the drag and drop from filemanager (spacefm) was working fine,
and I had no problems uploading folders or draging a folder with files into Github -> Add files -> upload files

Today it's not working and it's not a Github issue and yes I'm using Github polyfills ext. too.
I've tested on a other cloud service too and while it uploads the folder structure all files are NULL, or the folder itself is NULL

Draging a single file or multiselected files works fine all over.

I have also tested with the bzipped tarball and can confirm it happens on it too, at least on my system..
A regression maybe?
Thank you for your time.

Re: [issue PM-28.16.0] drag & drop folder

Posted: 2020-11-27, 16:33
by therube
Does this apply?

"The DOM Filesystem and dir picker APIs are, in practice, not used on websites. We've disabled these web-exposed APIs because they are not entirely without potential risk, and intend to remove them in a future version unless there is a demonstrable need to keep them as optional (unsupported) APIs in the platform."

Re: [Solved PM-28.16.0] drag & drop folder

Posted: 2020-11-27, 18:50
by biopsin
I see,
personaly I use this since I can't use other then the webinterface, and uploading folders goes quicker on some service..
But I will disable it after use, thank you :)