Visiting through squid proxy

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Visiting through squid proxy

Post by bgstack15 » 2020-09-24, 01:35

When using the mainline Pale Moon 28.13.0 binary with proxy settings on a fresh profile, on my Fedora 32 machine I experience something frustrating when visiting The main site contents fail to load, certainly on visiting user pages such as The access header bar at the top is visible and sometimes the sidebar but that is all. I suspect this has something to do with ajax or whatever the modern tech is for dynamically updating only parts of the visible space: I know Gitlab web pages use some annoying tech for that. (My research into headless browsers really struggled against gitlab until I learned how to simulate "paging down" until the page buffer was the same as the last time it had paged down.)

When I use Firefox with the same proxy settings, the entire site works.

I am using a squid proxy (squid-3.5.20-15.el7.x86_64) for both http and https. My squid configuration contains relevant settings to bypass caching, bypass ssl "bumping" (that's the infamous man-in-the-middle ssl re-encryption), and hopefully any other mechanism that would interfere with traffic.

Code: Select all

acl ALWAYS_DIRECT_sites dstdomain
cache deny ALWAYS_DIRECT_sites
always_direct allow ALWAYS_DIRECT_sites
ssl_bump splice ALWAYS_DIRECT_sites
Disable the caching, so everything always has to come straight from the site.
Allow direct connections.
The "ssl_bump splice" means do not interfere with the encryption; let it pass straight on.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I need to do to get Pale Moon to work with this setup like the backup browser?

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Re: Visiting through squid proxy

Post by adesh » 2020-09-24, 03:51

As per the reports, GitLab doesn't work at all in Pale Moon. See this thread: ... 10#p200010
I don't know if this is a general problem or an issue due to the proxy, but it may be worth checking the site without the proxy to be sure (because you didn't say so).

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