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Post by C-Wizard » 2020-09-08, 19:58

As of the recent "update" Pale Moon no longer works with, which is a major supermarket chain.
While I think about it, Pale Moon has never worked properly with Color contrast problems with the menus. Same here, actually. Noticed it just now when signing on. Not a problem on other sites..... Well, it is a minor problem with

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Post by coffeebreak » 2020-09-08, 21:03

Concerning Safeway, see here.

As for the rest of your post, if you are serious about wanting help with or, please open separate threads for each of those two sites.

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Post by Moonchild » 2020-09-08, 21:34

And if you do so, please open them in the Web Compatibility board that is specifically for issues with specific websites.
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Post by Tharthan » 2020-09-12, 04:08

C-Wizard wrote:
2020-09-08, 19:58
Well, it is a minor problem with
Doesn't The Wall Street Journal have a paywall?

If you are reading The Wall Street Journal regularly, then you must have a subscription. If you have a subscription, then why don't you just order the newspaper itself and read it offline at your leisure?
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