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Re: Ebay reCAPTCHA

Post by Moonchild » 2020-07-30, 10:00

New Tobin Paradigm wrote:
2020-07-30, 09:59
That would mean he is under my authority since I am the Master Banana!
That would be entirely his own doing! Unless you don't want him as a minion, of course.
"There will be times when the position you advocate, no matter how well framed and supported, will not be accepted by the public simply because you are who you are." -- Merrill Rose

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Re: Ebay reCAPTCHA

Post by puppyX » 2020-07-30, 10:41

An incorrect pass word was entered when signing into Pale Moon today, so a captcha popped up and after three pages of motorbikes were correctly identified here I am. The captcha police hate me.

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