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advice\help my view

Post by eirie22 » 2020-06-17, 22:45

a thanks to all developers etc.
a quick read of my profile for your grounding.
linux help\advice
as newb on this forum and a quick look down what is posted and asked
for as help, the questions may well arrive from more experienced than me and so
please be patient and some may find what others know from experience rather from
professional expertise on a single issue.
linux is my words unfortunate but great by the fact there are many varried distros.
try if you not know.
varried distros are developed by individuals\groups with a particular mental train
of thought of what they want their distro to do. along with try gain popularity etc.
bodhi and av-linux as examples have pushed recently on "media" graphics\video etc..
slackware is solid but is behind when it comes to support for the "new and bleeding edge"
media tools.
(i saw around forum issues with webcams and know some distros will have issues with
webcams and other hardware even between the distros upgrades. (works with previous
kernel on distro x but new kernel and issue after issue. - the same is true of oppisite
i have found upgrade of dependencies on distro y with higher kernel than x and the cam
was working and is no more.
some distros are aiming to be ms windows like - the result is large clutter.
different distros you may find place depend. and scripts in different directories.
this can affect your hardware.
they all as i have stated seem to pursue their own map\plan\tree and do not really
expect majority of users to go far further than use the distros own package manager.
my humble opinion is for pale moon users to try distro forum and web search for posted
issues with their distro before and then pale moon forum.
of course alt-linux its a case of "good luck" on language yet i find the distro on unstable
is fast light and reliable with cutting edge along with the negative of for your choice\s
there will be a lot of compiling from source.
this meandering is arriving from old (past 10y) laptop with salix 14.1 now and
alt-linux unstable sissy____
i always remove distro browser (complete uninstall and manual delete what left behind)
then bzip pale moon and extract to a folder in personal directory - make link to desktop and run from there.
---avoid full integration with system------
never had a problem with any distro - fyi i stay away from debian and ubunt and derivitives as much
as possible.they seem like "you tied to what we tie you to", others may like the screen filled with the
software centres along with auto updates. of course desktop xfce ,mate etc. and their compatability
with hardware etc. all make "choice" a must for your needs. my experience is issues
with network manager in distros with xfce.
all distros have quirks and you need to be sure what you want as hardware will work excellant
with one distro but many issues with gimp or flatbed scanners kills what you require.
av- linux may excel on audio apps and hardware but issues trying to run an i2p router and
plugin harddrives (simple terms used). hint > use stripped down slackware current for i2p.
my experience says yiou want use mswindows type hardware etc use pclinux os.i have found
most compatability.
of course browsers are having trouble with the way chrome is "pushing" my personal
choice is i refuse to use and having passed through a phase of complete free "software get the meaning"
like dragora -my needs at times require relaxing on accepting partial use of non-free. but still fighting.
in conclusion pick your linux distro to suit what you want and do not expect any web browser to be
100% compatable - sure issues with internet explorer in ms windows (xp i enjoyed but after win7 was diving
lower - i think i have a hard drive with win7 somewhere around or maybe its been dbannnnnnnnnnned lol)
i see pale moon developers over last 2 years as leading whilst all browsers facing onslaught from vested.
thank you for your time and i give my thoughts and i do not intend advertise or promote any particular linux distro.

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Re: advice\help my view

Post by satrow » 2020-06-17, 22:55

I suggest you learn a little about the basics of English usage before attempting to educate others, we don't all have time to waste trying to decipher wall of text ramblings like this.

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Re: advice\help my view

Post by adesh » 2020-06-18, 06:44

Ask a question in one simple sentence. We'll then do the necessary information extraction procedure ourselves.

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Re: advice\help my view

Post by eirie22 » 2020-06-18, 13:21

satrow wrote:
2020-06-17, 22:55
I suggest you learn a little about the basics of English usage before attempting to educate others, we don't all have time to waste trying to decipher wall of text ramblings like this.
i spent many hours following well meaning experts only to find -
that only works on a certain distro or even on certain file system .
some distros will work well but issues on others -
for your ingestion pclinux is geared to ext4 - i tell you from my
"twiddling" there are issues with other file systems.
of course i only aim in non "order you to do this do that attitude" to give
knowledge of what i have found to help others .
i have found there are a lot of want to try and want to be linux users
whom do not know the difference and issues between using ext2 (not3-4) and xfs
or others.
how the whole works and the effect on web browsers is not just - issues are
the sole "responsability " of the browser developers.
"specialist" is not the only advice\knowledge required.
an example is ===========
bleachbit does not have the "wipe free space" available on pclinux os--
this is i see by developers tree\plan\mental pathway they follow.on purpose.
of course with scripts\python etc. it can be pushed -but what happen to os?
will it cause issues.
or just use dd
i will say about bleachbit as i have not blamed the bleachbit developers or
pclinux os for the missing option.
hence my words help\advice may help those of little experience when
if only following one path wonder why things are the way they are.
the tech answers may be above them and also like ms windows
people become used to issues and think yes just more fail whilst
just accepting because easy to use.
as seen by the responses i have seen to my parting of experience
there are those whom need to not just read and quip but visualize..
narrow minds,boxed in-- if factual evidence in possesion to correct wrong
then state otherwise any help information by eperience or highly tech.
dont have time to read lol
excuse for your lack of ability to comprehend what is before you.
i saw a situation of a child "not special needs or anything" whilst being asked
what is 4 times 3 ---- the child was getting upset as constant question which did
not understand.- child too young and not knowledgable to comprehend the term "times".
someone else near raised their voice and said
"what is 4 multiplied by 3" and the child answered 12..
the supposed educated senior human was "boxed in narrow mind and had no
comprehension of the situation -hence was trapped by their own ignorance.
the child was upset because terms not taught and understood were being used
YOU are the person constanly using "times".

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Re: advice\help my view

Post by Moonchild » 2020-06-18, 13:52

Incomprehensible babble. We're not looking for a mindstream dump. Please educate yourself in how to post comprehensibly on a forum.

{{time-out issued}}
"There will be times when the position you advocate, no matter how well framed and supported, will not be accepted by the public simply because you are who you are." -- Merrill Rose

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Re: advice\help my view

Post by The Squash » 2020-06-18, 23:21

I spent a few minutes deciphering this and believe it's not about Pale Moon per se -- I think it's general Linux talk.

May I suggest for such a purpose? One of their "claims to fame", so to speak, is special tolerance to new users / newbies.

I'm also a user there, so you can ask me your question there: look for the user named "The Squash", just like the name of my user account here. But because I suspect your question is unrelated or barely related to Pale Moon -- I'd suggest you do everyone here a service and ask your question on Thank you.

Though not often frequented, if you do not natively speak English, you may look near the bottom of the forum listing on this site and look for a special board for your language.


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