Patreon pages are empty

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Patreon pages are empty

Post by tooshorttoolong » 2020-03-09, 22:14


I just noticed that patreon pages are just blank (even though the source clearly shows the page was loaded).
I tried disabling uMatrix and uBlock Origin but it didn’t help.
I tried changing the user agent from native to firefox or gecko but it didn’t help either.

That’s with Pale Moon 28.8.4.

Is it working for you? Is there a fix?

For example: or
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Night Wing
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Knows the dark side
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Re: Patreon pages are empty

Post by Night Wing » 2020-03-09, 23:15

Both links load and render properly for me without any problems.

At this time, I'm using 64 bit linux Pale Moon 28.8.4 running in 64 bit linux Mint 19.3 (Tricia) Xfce. The only addons/extensions I'm using are NoSquint and uBlock Origin with UBO enabled for both sites.

Both sites see my user agent as Firefox Compatibility mode.
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Keeps coming back
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Re: Patreon pages are empty

Post by vannilla » 2020-03-09, 23:35

All's fine with me, ηMatrix enabled blocked the third-party scripts needed to display e.g. blog posts, but other than that I could see everything just fine.
Try in safe mode or a new profile.

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