Attn unstable channel users - please update manually

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Attn unstable channel users - please update manually

Post by trava90 » 2020-03-08, 19:23

Due to a bug in the recent unstable Linux builds, automatic updates will not work. This has been resolved and automatic updates should work again from today's build on, however you may need to manually update to the fixed build. To check if you are affected and to resolve the issue:

Go to Help -> Check for updates.
If the updater finds an update and downloads it, you're good to go and no further action is required on your part.
If the updater hangs on "Connecting to...", your updater is broken and you'll need to manually update.
If you are affected and need to manually update, go to and download the latest version. Then extract the tarball to the same location your unstable build currently resides; overwriting all files. Once done, start the browser and verify you are on version 29.0.0a2 (2020-03-08).

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