USB mouse scroll problem

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USB mouse scroll problem

Post by puppyX » 2020-03-03, 14:04

Thinkpad X60, 1.83 Gb core duo, 2GB ram, Linux Trisquel 32 bit Release 8.0 Flidas, 32-bit Pale Moon 28.8.4, Abrowser 72.0.2, 60Gb SSD.

Firstly I don't know whether this is a PM issue or hardware related or the Trisquel OS .

PM has been updated twice and Trisquel has had 2 or 3 security updates since the problem began.

When bookmarks list is opened which is a long list of mixed bookmarks and rss feeds and I'm scrolling up and down, at some point the list will disappear and will then need to be reopened.

It only happens with Linux (Trisquel and xenialpup)

The USB mouse scroll problem only happens when bookmarks are opened and scrolling up or down the list but only if the list has rss added.

Abrowser is OK because it has no rss.

Pale Moon has the problem because lots of rss are on the (long) list. (?)

Intel 945 GM display issue ?

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