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Update uMatrix and uBlock Origin

Posted: 2020-02-07, 04:43
by Raava
My system: x86-64 Linux, PM 28.8.2

I both use uMatrix and uBlock Origin, to have less issues with my addons, I disabled auto-updating them. Both "uMatrix" and "uBlock origin" are listed as "This addon directly target Palemoon". Now trying to manually update these two addons I ran into issues:

The search only gives me ηMatrix as result, no result for "uMatrix".

Do I presume correct that uMatrix for PM got replaced by ηMatrix? Will ηMatrix import all my uMatrix settings?
_______________________________________________ only gives me:
uBlock Origin Updater
uBlock Origin legacy (external) which links to ... y/releases

I presume, when I want to install an updated uBlock origin I use the latest stable version from uBlock Origin legacy (external) // ... y/releases ?

Re: Update uMatrix and uBlock Origin

Posted: 2020-02-07, 04:50
by New Tobin Paradigm
What does this have to do with Linux?

Moderator note: Warning, rant inside. Thread also locked for being duplicate AND off-topic for the Linux board!
Also I can only assume you are a fuckin' moron because you asked a very similar question over a year ago and if you BOTHERED to search the forum there are active discussions going on about nMatrix AND the current state of the so-called Legacy uBlock.

You know, if you are really this stupid.. Maybe you should head to one of the five flavors of Chrome where you belong. Honestly, you have been registered since 2014 but don't seem to know shit about anything.

I am getting damned fucking tired of this kind of crap. I have been up for 21 hours working my ass off on UXP but this little nothing can't type a few words in a search box but WILL create a new thread and type LOTS of words into a BIGGER TEXT BOX to try and get someone to hand them answers to their questions on a damned silver platter that can be found in threads THAT HAVE BEEN POSTED IN WITHIN THE LAST 12 HOURS?! WTF. AND on top of all that they posted in the wrong god damned category LIKE EVERYONE ALWAYS DOES.

Fuckin' sick of it.