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When Pale Moon starts:

Posted: 2020-02-04, 01:54
by arky217
I'm running Pale Moon 28.8.2 on Linux Lite 4.8.
I have alway set "When Pale Moon starts:" to show my home page.
But today (for the first time, I think), I set it to "show my windows and tabs from last time"
but after shutting Pale Moon and restarting, it still shows
my home page instead of the tabs I had when closing.

What should I do to check why this occurs ?
I have already tried disabling all my extensions
and it didn't help.

If I need to try it with a new profile,
how do I go about doing that (not familiar with Pale Moon profiles) ?

I might also mention that I have Pale Moon 28.8.2 installed on two
other desktops that are also running Linux Lite 4.8 and after trying
the same thing on them, they also still show the home page.

Re: When Pale Moon starts: SOLVED

Posted: 2020-02-04, 21:49
by arky217
OK, I found the problem.
I had Pale Moon set to clear "Browsing and Download History"
when Pale Moon closes. It obviously has to have that history
in order to show the windows and tabs from last time.
I'll mark this thread closed.

Re: When Pale Moon starts:

Posted: 2020-02-04, 22:03
by loxodont
Some add-ons can modify the start page settings, like Tab Mix Plus for example (but in this case it would be displayed in the box next to "When Pale Moon starts:")

To try with add-ons disabled or a new profile this "How to..." is a good starter:

*edit: Ha, I wasn't quick enough with writing ;)
but thx for solving