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Totally New to Pale Moon

Unread post by g00seIII » 2019-11-09, 18:45

I'm totally new to Pale Moon, but am attempting to use it, but, am having problems.
Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules here, I read them, and did look for information, this forum seemed like the best source.
I'm using Pale Moon on Linux Mint 18.3; everything has gone fine until I got to importing bookmarks, and my file was too big, so had to just copy and paste
my most important folders, no big problem.
Secondly, I'm used to using LastPass, which I think I've read on here, is not that secure, but I'm at a loss at installing another password program, or do I even need to, with one already being integral to the browser.
I really like Pale Moon, but I'm on a slow learning curve here :) .
Thanks for any comments or advice, if there's a newbies section, sorry if I missed it.

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Re: Totally New to Pale Moon

Unread post by back2themoon » 2019-11-09, 21:57


How did you try to import bookmarks and what kind of big file is that? You also mentioned folder copy/paste. Is that still about bookmarks import? If you tried to copy/paste files from Firefox, it doesn't work like that and you could run into trouble. PM and FF are different browsers and you cannot copy/paste files between them like this.

LastPass is not compatible with Pale Moon. You should complain to LP about that. An old (now insecure) version of LP might still work on PM. Don't use it.

You can use Pale Moon's own password manager (some info here). In this case, using a Master Password is recommended. The Master Password+ extension adds some helpful features to Pale Moon's password manager.

Alternatively, I can only recommend KeePass 2 at the moment. If you want easy auto-fill in websites, avoid installing KeePass browser extensions (either incompatible, complicated or insecure). Learn and configure its internal Auto-Type feature. It's worth it.
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